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    This is your source for ordering textbooks or finding what textbooks are needed for your class. Learn more about our store and our promise of high quality and excellent service here.

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    Delta College Bookstore is pleased to announce that it is now offering a selection of general merchandise items for sale on our website!

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    *Only certain types of Financial Aid may be used for the purchase of general merchandise.*

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    The Bookstore is now partnering with Chegg for textbook rentals. Enter your class information on our Compare site to see if your textbooks are available for rent.

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    Bus passes are available in the Bookstore(Click the pass name for routes):
    Bay Metro (Student) $16
    STARS (General) $21
    STARS Monthly Bus Pass $51

    Spring/Summer 2019 books are available now.


    The Bookstore provides the most accurate information for course materials and is subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for purchases made elsewhere based on the information from our website or our Bookstore.

    Please note - used prices do not include access codes. Only new books/bundles, when stated, include access codes.

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    Spring Summer 2019 books are available now.